70 Blog Post Ideas for a Beauty Blog

After I shared my 50 Blog Post Ideas for your Fashion Blog recently, I decided to come up with some Beauty Blog Inspiration and 70 Blog Post Ideas for your Beauty Blog. Here, on my blog, you’re used to regular beauty posts already, so I decided to talk even more about the subject and come up with some inspiration for my fellow bloggers and myself. There’s also another blog post coming up on that subject soon.

70 Blog Post Ideas for a Beauty Blog, Beauty Magazine, whoismocca.com

70 Blog Post Ideas for a Beauty Blog

Seventy post ideas. Wow, that’s quite a handful, isn’t it? Coming up with those ideas made me realise that there are a bunch of subject, I need to tackle myself on this very blog. So in hindsight, this isn’t just a sourceful post for you lovely lot, but also a great inspiration I can always look back on!

If you have by any chance even more ideas, something I haven’t thought of, don’t hesitate to let me/us know. Ok? Let’s dive right in:

  1. Makeup and Beauty Storage
  2. Hairstyles for shirt/medium-length or long hair
  3. What’s in my makeup bag?
  4. Beauty Must Haves
  5. Skincare Routine/Products for spring/summer/autumn/winter
  6. Drugstore Finds vs. High-end Products
  7. Get Ready With Me
  8. Makeup Tutorial for Special Occasions: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, New Year’s, Halloween, Wedding, Festival, …
  9. Product Reviews
  10. The best Summer Hairstyles
  11. How to pamper your hands and nails
  12. Brush cleaning
  13. Reviews on testing out different beauty regimens
  14. Day-to-night-makeup
  15. Homemade Facial Masks; Reviews on Facial Masks
  16. Tips on Lipcare
  17. Introduce 5 Beauty Brands you love
  18. Talk about organic skincare
  19. My favourite haircare products
  20. My haircare routine
  21. 5 Beauty Instagram Accounts you love
  22. My favourite Beauty Blogs
  23. 10 Beauty Hacks
  24. Tips on At-Home Manicures/Pedicures
  25. Make-up Finds under 10 Euro
  26. Empties
  27. Hairsalon Review
  28. Review on False Lashes or Lash Serums
  29. My Brush collection
  30. Hair Removal
  31. Monthly Beauty Favourites
  32. Makeup tutorials with drugstore products or high-end products
  33. My favourite lipsticks
  34. Homemade peelings and scrubs
  35. Beauty Tags (e.g. Eyeshadow Junkie Tag)
  36. Themed Beauty Blogger Parades
  37. My Eyebrow Routine
  38. The best Makeup Accessories (e.g. brushes, eyelash curler, …)
  39. My nailpolish picks of the season
  40. My Morning Routine
  41. My Evening Routine
  42. Dental Hygiene (e.g. Bleaching at the dentist vs. DIY at home)
  43. Easy Beauty Rituals at Home (e.g. hair masks, facials, manicures)
  44. My favourite perfums for spring/summer/autumn/winter
  45. Home Spa: My favourite lotions and potions (body scrub, oils, different cremes)
  46. Tips on problem skin and my personal skincare routine
  47. Makeup Basics and Makeup Trends
  48. Beauty Shopping Haul
  49. How to find the right skincare for you!
  50. Review on liked and disliked products for hair/makeup/skincare
  51. Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Beauty Favourites
  52. Celebrity Look How to
  53. Before and After Review on Makeup/Skincare products
  54. Nail Tutorial: Quick Nail Design at home
  55. Review on a multitasking product (e.g. coconut oil for hair, lips, stretch marks,…)
  56. Beauty Dupes for expensive or always sold-out products (e.g. Kylie Jenner Lipkit)
  57. All time favourite products by a certain brand
  58. Products worth splurging for
  59. Beauty Wish List
  60. My Favourite Mascaras
  61. Beauty Travel Essentials
  62. On-the-go Beauty products
  63. Talk about diet and beauty. What worked for you, what didn’t?!
  64. Compare different foundations, BB and CC creams
  65. How to apply makeup (e.g. Beauty Blender, brushes, finger…)
  66. Disappointing (Over-hyped) Products
  67. Let’s talk about favourite blush, bronzer and highlighting products
  68. Who’s your Beauty Style Icon?
  69. My Every-Day Look!
  70. My Favourite Perfume



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