20 Lovely Summer Straw Basket Bags!

If there’s one thing that oozes summer like nothing else, it’s got to be summer straw basket bags! Right now, they are everywhere again and true Fashionistas like Alexa Chung love them as madly as I do. That lady just knows what’s good! Summer straw basket bags are very practical and instantly add a dash of summer to your outfit, even on more cloudy days.

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What’s a summer must-have? Straw Basket Bags, of course!

Every season comes with it’s fashion necessities but you can’t really have a decent summer wardrobe without adding a cute straw basket bag to it as well. It’s just that little something that enhances your whole look and brings a smile to you face the minute you grab it! As hard as it is to only choose one style, I figured, why not pick a few different styles for the beach and the city alike?! They are great paired with a sleek business look, add a playful touch to your favourite sundress and are really practical and easy to wear for fashion lovers for every age.

And let’s be honest, you’ll never find a bag as roomy as a straw basket bag. They practically fit your whole household, if you want them to and are great for shopping trips as well. Today, I want to show you 20 Lovely Summer Straw Basket Bags that I found online for you. The only hard thing left to do is decide on only one or two or a few. Ready?


20 Lovely Summer Straw Basket Bags!

  1. Let’s start with my favourite. This straw basket bag with embroidered cacti from Mango. That’s summer right there and just looking at it makes me so happy!
  2. A close runner-up is this bright yellow beauty, also from Mango. I especially like the tassle straps and it’s also a softer alternative to the otherwise typically stiff straw bags.
  3. If you like the style of the bag above but you don’t like yellow that much, how about a very similar styled straw basket bag in Blue?
  4. This Pepe Jeans Tassle Bag is a true work of art as you might already checked out at Who Is Mocca?-Shop. Such a summer beauty!
  5. If you like to combine the basket trend with the bucket bag trend, don’t look any further! This straw basket bucket bag is easy to handle and as cute as it gets.
  6. You prefer a serious Boho vibe? I got you covered with another bag from Pepe Jeans. A few tassles here and there as well as added colour and playful details and voilà, your perfect accessory for your favourite maxi dress.
  7. If you’re looking for a simpler version of the summer straw basket bag trend, what about this Tommy Hilfiger Bag? I love that polka dot inlay so much and it’s a great twist to the otherwise very simple design.
  8. Zalando offers a bag with longer straps that’s perfect for carrying around all day and also more comfortable as well!
  9. This Ocean Clutch is beachy vibes packed in a bag, isn’t it?! The ideal companion for your next vacation, boating trip and summer date alike!
  10. Speaking of summer dates: Cross-Body-Bags are even better for a night out and this sandy beige version fits that bill.
  11. This sandy-blue print version from Zalando is perfect for your next shopping trip, don’t you think?
  12. A true classic straw basket bag would be this gem with both long and short straps for everyday use.
  13. Stripe-lovers unite! Of course there’s a bag for you as well. Asos offers your new favourite striped straw basket bag with a twist: The straw is braided for a change!
  14. A picnic date is coming up? Don’t worry! This Shopper from Chiemsee has a washable inlay for possible spills and splashes. You got it all covered!
  15. Leather fringe to the rescue for those of you who like true statement pieces. J.Jayz came up with this Pocahontas Straw Basket Bag for the wild ones!
  16. Roxy’s Sun Seeker truly lives up to it’s name. It instantly makes me want to spend all day at the beach and enjoy the sunset in the evening. What a dream!
  17. This Beige Shopper with a dark brown buckle and longer straps is an all-rounder for you, if you prefer a more classic approach.
  18. A beach bag with gold and coral accents is just what’s left needed in my round-up. I can’t get it out of my head ever since I first spotted it! Too dreamy!
  19. If you prefer a Rucksack instead of the usual bag, grab this one that easily holds your beach towel, sunscreen and favourite magazines. Hop on your bike and go to the beach already!
  20. Last but not least, a classy straw basket bag for summer business meetings. The style is similar to a typical handbag and comes in a modest colour with black leather accents. Still, it’s a perfect Summer Accessory that let’s you instantly go from meeting to vacation.


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